Third post (due Friday 4/29)

Third post (due Friday 4/29)

Your third post should focus on one or more results and your main objectives for completion of the project.

The aim should be to present the reader with your main results to date and sketch what you plan to accomplish in the last phase of the project. It isn’t necessary to present a comprehensive overview of all results you’ve generated – focus on those that are most significant with respect to your project objectives. If you don’t have any results to share – which may well be the case for certain teams – focus instead on areas of progress. If your progress has been slowed or stalled for some reason, you can make the post more forward-looking and discuss anticipated progress and any unexpected barrier(s) you’ve encountered. In any case, one should be able to answer the following questions after reading your post:

  1. Where have the team’s efforts been focused in the last month? Have you been working on a specific analysis? Fitting models? Training a predictive tool? Developing a code product? Working out some kinks in your pipelines? Try to give a brief summary of your team’s major efforts and explain how they relate to project objectives.

  2. What have been the most significant successes and/or challenges the team has found to date? Have you uncovered any insights with your dataset? Discovered something unexpected or puzzling? Encountered unforeseen difficulties that set back your work? Tell us about it, and explain how it came about.

  3. What does the team plan to do to wrap up their work in the next month? Do you have a few more methods to try? Want to adjust your model in some way? Incorporate a secondary data source? Develop an additional code product? Describe what you currently envision as your main project endpoint(s).

This post should be fairly results-oriented, so you can rely entirely on your posts from winter quarter to provide background, unless this needs to be augmented in some way for the current post. However, please reference your earlier posts where appropriate: e.g., ‘(for additional explanation, see first post, background section)’.

Your post should meet the following criteria:

  • at least one finding – a result OR a surprise OR a setback – is clearly presented;

  • if result(s) are shared, a description of the methodology sufficiently detailed for the reader to understand at a high level how the result was obtained is provided, including, if appropriate, a reference for further information;

  • at least one figure is included;

  • and least one endpoint is stated.

Here are the submission logistics:

  1. Pull requests should be submitted by Friday April 27 at 5:00 pm PST.

  2. Mentors will provide written feedback.

  3. Revisions are encouraged but optional.